Gatekeeper Streaming Systems was not planned by any earthly means. It started rather unexpectedly with the passing of a legacy. The owner of this company started under the tutelage of Larry Benson of Benson Sound programming what would eventually become vMacros Controller. Over the course of several years, the two of them formed quite the bond until Larry was taken to be with his Creator in July of 2023. He passed some of his wishes onto the owner with the hopes of continuing vMacros on into the future. With his passing, Benson Sound also began towards its own end.

Then, through much prayer and starting the path, the owner began the process of setting up a company that he had not even dreamed of having. The name derived from 1 Chronicles 26 where lots were being cast for the gates and who would manage them. Their roles were to include ministering to the people of Israel as well as protecting the more sacred places within. It linked back to a prayer/prophecy spoken over the owner the previous year about being a gatekeeper. The path had been laid and just needed someone to follow it.